Relocation – Coming From NYC

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If you're like many of us, there was a time not so long ago that you could not imagine moving out of the city. In fact, it is often said that we live in a suburb filled with people who swore they would never live in the suburbs. We were there too. We are native New Yorkers, we lived on the Upper Westside and loved it. But then the time came, like for so many of us, we were looking at NY pre-schools and knew it was time to move.

We looked and ruled out many NY communities, slowly getting through our list. When we got here, we knew we would stay. As we drove through the beautiful streets and the town of Maplewood with it's independently owned shops, we thought if we weres looking for a weekend home and found this town, we would be trying to get here on Thursday and stay until Monday. How lucky for us, we could live here all the time and have easy access to Manhattan by direct train or a short car ride. It got even better when we realized that most of our neighbors were just like us, people who had recently left the city.

In addition to the beautiful, spacious homes at realistic prices, these towns offer so much, especially for families with children. We have the parks with tennis courts, basketball courts, bocce courts, baseball fields and playgrounds, organized sports programs for kids, art classes, music classes, karates schools, beautiful town swimming pools, movie theaters, performing arts centers, good schools, golf courses, many houses of worship and welcoming diverse communities.

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