Answering Your Maplewood Home Selling Questions

Frequently Asked Maplewood Home Selling Questions

Below are a sample of the more recent questions posed by Maplewood and other local home sellers. If you have a question, be sure to use the Questions Feature to the right or simply Contact Fran and Randy with your home selling questions today.

Q - My home has an underground oil tank. Will that cause any problems with the sale of my home?

A - Perhaps. We are seeing this present itself as a problem more and more often. It would be our advice to consider removing the tank from underground and placing it in your basement if space allows. We would be happy to discuss this much further with you. Let's make an appointment to get together.

Q - I really don't want to deal with any repairs to my home. Why can't I just be an "as-is" seller?

A - While it's tempting to leave the repairs to the buyer, a little effort can yield surprising results. Besides, potential home buyers aren't looking for fixer-uppers in our current market unless they are rock-bottom, bargain-basement priced. Why not invest a little effort and money now? It could pay large profits at closing.

Q -I understand curb appeal is important in any market. Where do I draw the line with having someone come in and create superior curb appeal to make my Short Hills home really "POP"?

A - Having great curb appeal definitely is a plus in today's market. If you are thinking about selling soon, let's talk about your options. A well-manicured lawn, trimmed bushes, mulch, and some flowering plants can make a huge difference. In addition, make sure that there is no peeling paint visible anywhere. There is no need to spend tons of money. We have many other helpful hints to share with you when you are ready.

Q - What difference does it make if I select a real estate agent to list my Maplewood home who has a limited Website presence? Isn't it still advertising homes for sale in the newspapers that delivers more prospects?

A - Great question - did you know almost 80% of home buyers begin their home search on the Internet? This number increases with each passing year. Yes, some people are still scoping out newspaper classified ads and real estate listing magazines, but more and more Americans are now "wired" to start their home shopping online. We will provide you with broad Internet coverage. Plus, we are "web-savvy" real estate agents and understand and implement a structured marketing plan that ensures "online dominance."

Q - I have a set amount of money I must clear from the sale of my South Orange home, therefore I refuse to use unconventional measures to market it.

A - Current market conditions dictate sellers use creative ideas to attract a wider pool of buyers. If your financial situation allows, creative ideas like buying a "home warranty" might be just the ticket to help you sell your home. Plus, home warranties are not expensive and add a considerable amount of "peace of mind" to your buyer. Remember, in this current market, remaining flexible really is important.

Another tip is to have your Maplewood home inspected by a professional home inspector. While this item is typically paid for by the buyer and comes after a signed contract, we recommend you "beat the buyer" and have this performed prior to listing your property for sale. Don't forget to make the inspection report and resulting documented repairs available for your buyers.

Helping Home Sellers Succeed with Real Estate Beyond Four Walls

In today's challenging NJ real estate market, securing top dollar for your home is no small task. If you have done your homework, you already realize many other homes are on the market competing for a small pool of qualified buyers. No wonder selling a home conjures so many mixed emotions. That is why we believe it is so important to have a trusted local expert on your side to  ensure your success. Why not get off on the right foot and have your property accurately priced so that you do not have to face multiple price reductions down the road? Request our FREE Market Analysis (CMA) today.